3 Things You Should Know About Cannabis Industry Jobs

California has over $5.1 billion in cannabis sales, supporting 83,607 employment. The state experienced a 64 percent income increase in 2020. This shows that the marijuana job industry goes hand in hand with economic growth.

If you take advantage of the industry, that means excellent employment opportunities and salaries. However, the lack of insight in this field can leave you with several closed doors. With that in mind, here are three things you should know about the cannabis industry jobs.

1. Budtender

Working as a dispensary budtender is an excellent way to get into this fast-paced profession. While this is an entry-level role, individuals who are very new to the cannabis sector can find quick employment.

As a budtender, you’ll connect directly with dispensary consumers as they shop. Excellent interpersonal skills and a professional blunt roller machine can help you get a promotion.

2. Dispensary Manager

If you have retail experience, it opens doors for jobs in the cannabis industry, like dispensary manager. If you worked as a budtender for several years, you could get this position as well.

Your daily contacts will vary from consumers and suppliers to law enforcement and inspectors. It will be your responsibility to ensure that the dispensary’s day-to-day operations adhere to state standards.

3. Commercialization and Marketing

Depending on your location and the cannabis legislation in your state, a career in cannabis sales and marketing may entail B2B sales. For many potential applicants, the possibility to work remotely is a significant selling point.

How COVID 19 Impacted the Cannabis Industry?

COVID-19 has strengthened the cannabis industry. Countries seeking financial recovery will look for new sources of taxed money, like marijuana. Cannabis’ medicinal potential has led to 16 research organizations investigating its use to treat COVID-related symptoms.

Cannabis dispensaries became essential services in the Netherlands, Illinois, and Quebec. Its usage grew as customers sought assistance in treating COVID-19-induced anxiety. As lockup remains in place, several states in the US have authorized medicinal cannabis users to obtain their prescriptions via telemedicine.

What’s Going on With Federal Legalization on Cannabis

The cannabis legalization ballot succeeded in all five states. These states are:

  • Mississippi
  • South Dakota
  • New Jersey
  • Arizona
  • Montana

Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris were also elected to the White House. This election shows an interest in pursuing federal cannabis legalization during their administrations. Joe Biden supported decriminalizing cannabis use and reclassifying it as a Schedule II drug during his 2020 campaign.

Kamala Harris co-sponsors the MORE Act, which attempts to decriminalize cannabis and levies a 5% tax on all cannabis products. The US House of Representatives approved the MORE Act on 4 December 2020. This helps benefit communities that were hurt by the “War on Drugs.”

Learning More About the Cannabis Industry Jobs Near Me

Invest in the cannabis industry, and you will see some fantastic profits. Make sure you know the industry well enough before diving into the market. Since state legislation is constantly changing, you may want to check in once in a while.

With the proper insights, you can make a lucrative income owning a dispensary. So what are you waiting for? Check out our blog posts for more insights on cannabis industry jobs.

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