5 Cannabis Accessories to Stock Up in Your Smoke Shop

The legal marijuana global market is growing fast, and it’s set to climb by an estimated 17% by 2027. Of course, this also brings with it a ton of incentive for entrepreneurs to start opening shops around the world.

Cannabis retailers are unique in that they don’t have the same approach to welcoming buyers on location. Many say the most important part of running a cannabis spot to set a certain tone and vibe for visitors.

There’s no better way to excite and welcome buyers than with unique cannabis accessories. If you run a cannabis shop, you might want to include at least one of these 5 cannabis products at your shop!

Picking Cannabis Accessories

When it comes to smoking accessories, there are wants, needs, and must-haves. As a shop owner, you want to offer the best of the best, and function is more important than appearance. There are 5 accessories that are must-haves, and they include oil infusers, rechargeable electric lighters, vaporizers, ashtrays and unique grinders.

Oil Infuser

While most oil infusers aren’t exactly accessible to a wider audience, they’re growing in demand. Instead of buying pre-made cannabis products, people can make them at home. Brownies, candies, sauces, and cookies, all with one great product. You can’t go without this cannabis accessory.

Doob Tubes

Doob tubes are set to replace the common options for transporting joints and other cannabis products. They’re small, affordable, and made of a durable glass. Best of all, they seal very well. That means no smells are getting out, and no humidity is getting in. Consider adding them as a bonus for larger purchases, or selling them in packs for accessibility.


Vaporizers started as a fad, and slowly grew into what is now a must-have in terms of weed accessories. Most are large in size, but there are a few models that are more comfortable. It’s inevitable, though, that visitors will be eager to get their hands on one. Inhaling from a bag is quite the experience.


Ashtrays come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Steer clear of the generic or more classic models. Consider seeking out ashtrays with unique traits. Some ideas include those that glow in the dark, have led strips installed, or even models that have odor-killing properties. Every cannabis user needs an ashtray.

Quirky Grinders

You probably already have quite a few grinders in your possession. It might be smart to take a deeper look into the variety of grinders available, though. A lot has changed, and you can now find some that make the cannabis experience that much better. There are now options with magnetic top closures, built-in screens, and bases with a tight fit. The more creative the design is, by the way, the better.

Simple Items with Great Results

Adding cannabis accessories that come with an extra touch can make all the difference. They’re more than just items to show off, or to impress visitors. They actually have some great uses, or add something unique to an otherwise common item. Make sure to find a consistent supplier, as these usually sell quite quickly.

Hopefully, this article helped you pick out the next items to add to your shop. If it did, consider taking a look around the rest of the site for more useful information.

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