Have you been blindsided and are now worried about drug testing at work? Learn how to pass a drug test (successfully) through the insights shared in this guide!

How to Pass a Drug Test: The Ultimate Guide to Clean Results

56% of employers require that employees submit to random and pre-employment drug testing. There are several reasons for this, but if you’re someone who made it past the pre-employment screening, you might get blindsided by a random workplace drug testing.

If you’re worried about the results of a drug test, you might be wondering how to pass a drug test before you’re scheduled to take it? Below you’re going to find everything you need to know about a 12-panel drug test and ways to pass it with flying colors.

Drug Testing In the Workplace

It’s become common for employers to give drug tests to potential employees as apart of the interview process. Once an employee passes, the employer will continue to move them through the employment process.

Depending on where someone works, this might not be the only time that they have to submit to drug testing. There are several reasons that an employer might ask employees to take a drug test after they’ve gotten hired.

Suspicion of Drug Use

It’s dangerous to come to work under the influence of any alcohol or substance because you could put yourself and others that you work within danger. An employer might request for you to submit to a drug test if you begin to show signs that you might be under the influence while at work.

Typically, they have to have witnessed a sudden behavior change, or one of your coworkers must have submitted a complaint about your suspicious behavior. Once the behavior’s noted, it’s your employer’s job to investigate further to ensure that everyone involved is always safe.

Most companies have a drug policy in place, making employees aware of the consequences of using drugs while under employment. Depending on the company’s policy, an employee could get asked to seek drug and alcohol counseling or face termination on the spot for on-the-job drug use.

Job Safety

We briefly mentioned above that when you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol; it can make it challenging and nearly impossible to do your job properly. For example, if you work in construction and need to work at the tops of high buildings, one wrong move could become life-threatening.

Therefore, everyone working in these types of situations should always be on their toes. During any job, you’ve got to be able to think and problem-solve.

When you’re under the influence, cognitive reasoning becomes impaired, leading you to make poor decisions.

When accidents happen in the workplace, an investigation takes place that can be costly. The reason the investigation happens is to rule out that anyone was under the influence while working.

If it’s found that you were working while inebriated, the company will not have to provide workers compensation because you caused the accident.

Legal Reasons

There are specific industries that require workers to submit to regular drug testing as a part of both federal and state laws. Under these laws, industries such as government and healthcare jobs must maintain drug-free workplaces.

The reasoning for this is most of these jobs are ones where employees come in direct contact with clients that they are tasked with caring for. Again, when you’re under the influence, you can’t do your job properly.

If you fail a drug test in one of these roles, you may face some sort of legal action and lose your job as well.

Keep Employees on the Right Path

Another common reason that employers require their staff to submit to random drug testing is as a scare tactic. If you know that you could be pulled for a drug test at any given time, it lowers the likelihood that you will take the chance at all.

More employees will refrain from doing drugs instead of risk their jobs and possible legal prosecution because of a failed drug test.

Different Types of Drug Test

Something that you might not know about drug tests is that there are several types your employer can choose to purchase for the workplace. Each type of test checks for a variety of drugs.

Drugs that have been in your system for varying lengths of time.

Depending on the type of test you’re given, you might take it on-site or visit a nearby facility to collect your sample and send it off for testing. These are the different types of drug testing that your employer has the option to choose from.


This test isn’t commonly used, but it’s a test that can detect drugs that have been recently used. This means that if you’ve used any drugs within the last few days, they will be picked up on a saliva test.

The drugs that this test detects include:

  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamines
  • Opiates
  • Marijuana is used in the last few hours

To take this test, you will be required to provide a saliva specimen. The tester will either swab your mouth or have you spit into a collection tube that will then be sent off and tested in a lab for positive cultures.


This is the most common drug test given by employers and is often given on the spot to ensure that you don’t have time to do other things like purchasing a whizzinator to get fake urine, ensuring that you pass your test.

You’ll be given a testing cup to provide your urine sample in.

Once the specimen is collected, it’s then sent off to the lab to be tested.

When your urine sample is analyzed, a few factors are considered during the testing process.

They will examine the temperature, color, ph., and other factors of the urine.

A urine test can detect:

  • Cocaine
  • Meth
  • Weed

Some employers will require that someone watch you as you provide your urine specimen to ensure that you’re not providing fake pee or diluting the sample you’ve provided.


Hair follicle tests aren’t commonly used in the workplace, but they can be useful if an employer has suspected that you’ve been coming to work under the influence for quite some time.

During the collection for the test, the lab will take several hair follicles for testing.

While this type of test can’t detect when drugs were used, anything that has been used within the last 90 days will show on the test. This test checks for:

  • Heroin
  • MDMA
  • PCP
  • Morphine

Most employers won’t opt for this type of drug testing because it can be on the more expensive side as far as drug tests are concerned. And if the employer has to give more than one test at a time, it’s not likely that they will want to spend that much to do so.


The last type of drug test on our list is the blood drug test. This type of testing is by far the most accurate of the bunch, but it can be somewhat uncomfortable due to the needle’s invasiveness in your arm collecting the blood.

For this test, you will certainly need to go to a healthcare facility because the blood can only be drawn by someone trained to do so. Once the blood’s drawn, it’s then sent off to the lab for testing.

Most tests can only detect substances that you have recently used. A blood test can also show if there is alcohol in someone’s system or if there was alcohol in their system.

Passing a Drug Test

If your employer gave you a notice that you will be receiving a drug test in the near future, consider yourself lucky because not everyone gets the chance to find a way to pass their test before taking it. There are several methods you can use to pass your drug test, but none are a guarantee.

We’re going to detail some of the ways to pass your test. There’s only one that’s made our list that can 100% guarantee that you won’t fail the drug test.

Use Fake Urine

As promised, we are listing the only sure-fire way to pass a drug test, and that’s by using urine that isn’t yours. Some products out there provide you the entire package when you’re looking to pull off the ultimate fake pee drug test plan.

When you purchase the whizzinator, not only do you get a fake penis that resembles actual human skin, it also comes with sterilized lab-grade human urine. The urine that’s provided resembles the real thing down to the color and temperature.

This ensures that you don’t have to worry about anything getting flagged when you take your test because it looks suspicious. If you’re taking drug tests regularly at work, all you’ve got to do is order refills for your kit, and your good to go.

Take Time Off

When we say take time off, we don’t mean that you need to go on vacation from your job or quit, as both of these will look suspicious to your employer. Instead, we mean to take a break from indulging in your substance of choice.

This gives your body some time to remove the substance from your body and increases the likelihood that you will test clean when it’s time. If you’re in the process of looking for a job, you should refrain from using during this time.

You never know when you’ll get the call for an interview, and you don’t want to spend your time freaking out about a potential drug test that you will have to take if the company offers you a job.

Do a Cleanse

The purpose of a cleanse is to help the body rebalance itself and flush out toxins. The issue with a cleanse is you’ve got to do it for a specified period to lower the substance levels in your body to a point where they won’t get detected.

Another thing that you should note when it comes to doing a cleanse is that it’s not a guarantee that you won’t fail your test. Most cleanses you’ll find in the form of liquid and you will have to drink them in a specified time-frame.

Detoxification Supplements

If you’re not able to wait the length of time that it would take for a cleanse to work, you might look into detoxification supplements. A detoxification supplement works fast and is also provided in liquid form for people to take.

When you read the detoxification drink directions, you will notice that you’ve got to take the test within a specific amount of time. During this time window, any substance in your system will not show up on your test, meaning it will increase your chances of passing the drug test.

After you’ve taken a detox drink, it’s not uncommon that you will get instructed to drink plenty of water. However, you should be careful because too many fluids can dilute your urine, and if you remember, that’s one sign that will make a lab declare your specimen a fail or unusable.

How to Pass a Drug Test Answered

We understand that when you hear you’ve got to take a drug test and know you aren’t clean, you begin searching for answers to how to pass a drug test? There are several ways you can do this, including using fake urine or drinking a detox drink, and then taking the test.

We’ve provided tons of information above that help you understand why employers test their employees and hope you found it useful. If you want to check out other posts that contain information like this or stuff about other topics, don’t hesitate to continue scrolling through this section.

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