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A Quick Guide to the Timeshare Selling Process

The timeshare sales are boosting up over 30 percent since 2019. Sales are continuing to boom as timeshare owners continue to exit the market.

Whether your timeshare is a place of great memories or a tedious plague of problems, you may feel ready to part ways with your timeshare. The first step in the selling process is reviewing your arrangement with your home resort.

Selling a timeshare includes following the contract rules and setting up an appealing unit that interests buyers. This short guide will give you the ins and outs of the Timeshare selling process.

Finding The Right Price

Perhaps, one of the most important selling tips is to appraise your unit. Many websites can allow you to view the bottom and top of the market.

You can find price reports from owners and developers. This can help you gauge where in the market your timeshare sits.

Sales and auction sites are among the best websites to help determine where your unit stands.

There is no definitive selling advice or method of pricing your timeshare, the resale market changes from time to time.  But, you can check the quotes of other units to compare to find the right price for your unit.

The Timeshare Selling Process

There are websites available that can help you sell your timeshare. The right brokerage will allow you to list your timeshare at no cost without a guaranteed sale.

They offer smooth transactions and allow you to select and choose your own timeshare exit company.

The brokerage should assist you with listings without demanding a large fee upfront for their selling advice. The same works for realtors, the setup of sales does not require a hefty fee.

But, a small annual fee or membership price on a website or forum can weed out the scammers and other corrupt listings.

Avoid dealing with a company demanding thousands upfront while listing the timeshare unit.

Listing Your Timeshare

Creating an eye-catching listing will help boost the sales of your timeshares. But, there are some selling tips you should include before listing the unit.

First, make sure to include any maintenance fees. This includes any timeshare resale ads as well. You also want to include the payment details.

Is the maintenance fee annual or is it every other year?

You also want to include the type of unit you own as well as the duration of time you hold. In addition, you want to add specific details about the location of the unit.

Provide a list of activities that you can do in the area. If there are tourist attractions nearby, list those attractions.

You can also discuss the types of exchanges you’ve encountered when dealing with your timeshares. You can add whether you’ve exchanged through RCI, international interval, or any other vacation exchange company.

The listing should provide various picturesque views of the unit. You can even add footage of tours that allow buyers to investigate the property.

Parting Ways With Your Timeshare

The timeshare selling process should include smooth transactions and an effortless listing process. There are many options to help guide you through appraising your unit before listing. 

But, the wariness of scam brokerages and an awareness of the market will get you far. The timeshare business is not a definitive market and the prices continue to fluctuate depending on many factors.

But, if you follow these guidelines, you can list and sell your unit in no time.

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