If you're looking for somewhere to rent, you're probably choosing between an apartment vs house. Which is the best option for you? Here's how to decide.

Apartment vs House: Which Should You Rent?

Are you looking for a place to rent? Do you need to move and is purchasing property not in the cards right now?

You’ll have to pick between renting an apartment vs house units. While they’re both living spaces, the circumstances behind both are significantly different. 

But don’t panic if you’re not sure about the pros and cons of each. Check out our comparison here to discern which is the best option for you:

Cost of Renting a House vs Apartment

Most Americans have debt amounting to $38,000. Even more shocking is the fact this number doesn’t even include mortgage debt. This makes it even harder for most to buy a house, pushing many to rent property instead. 

Renting a house is a good alternative to buying one but there’s no denying it’s still an expensive endeavor. Renting an apartment is significantly more affordable. This lower price tag comes from the fact you’re renting a smaller space.

When picking between renting an apartment vs house options, consider your budget first.

Space of an Apartment vs Individual House

An apartment, by definition, is a living space within a building. It doesn’t consume all of the available space. This is why every apartment you’ll find is somewhat smaller and cramped compared to an average house.

If you need a lot of space, renting an apartment might not be the right choice. Renting a house is the better option for people with kids, pets, or hobbies that require a large area. 

Getting an apartment is an optimal choice for people who live alone or for couples without kids and pets.

Amenities When Renting an Apartment vs Houses

Have you figured out how much space you need and the budget you can work with? The next step is to consider your amenities. 

Renting an apartment means you get to enjoy the amenities of the building. You’ll often find apartments that come with a gym, pool, cafe, and a small grocery center or kids’ playground. 

That’s not the case with renting a house. However, you get the freedom to add what you want. This makes renting a home the better choice for people who love to decorate or do DIY projects.

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Choose Between an Apartment vs House Today

Renting an apartment vs house options come with different sets of pros and cons. An apartment is cheaper and may come with more amenities but it’s smaller and not a good choice for families. A house is bigger, more expensive, but suitable for a larger group or a handyman. 

Of course, picking between the two is only the start. You also need to learn how to maintain your home of choice. To learn even more housing tips and tricks, we invite you to keep reading our in-depth guides right here! 

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