How to Build a Patio: A Beginner’s Guide

Patios are so popular these days that over 60% of new builds include them. There is every chance that you want to join this trend, and build one of your own. But how do you get started on this path and make the patio of your dreams?

Lucky for you, we have listed the major steps you need to learn when it comes to how to build a patio. By following the following basic instructions, you should have a solid idea of what you need to finish the patio-creation process. So, get started so that you can plan ahead.

Plan the Patio

First of all, you must work out how big you want to make the patio. This might depend on how large the space you have is, as well as how you want to handle access and if the patio will block it at all.

Make sure that the location you want to put the new patio in is convenient to everyone in the home, and also ensure that it will be safe. If you were planning on putting modern patio furniture on the patio, you might want to consider if it has a slope. Nobody wants their chair to slowly edge down towards the grass.

Finally, if you are close to a kitchen or a swimming pool, think about how the water or spillages might affect the surface. You will want to avoid the possibility of slips and falls.

Lay the Paving Stones

You should ensure that you have a solid surface of gravel or concrete to start with. This allows the pavers to sit firm and not move around.

Once you have planned and bought the paving stones, you can start to lay them down. It is generally recommended that you start in the center. That way, you have more space to fit irregular paving stones around the others before planning to hit each edge.

After you have placed all the pavers, you should use a tamper or a compactor to ensure that the gravel or concrete sits flat.

Fill the Gaps

Once the pavers are in place, fill the edges between them with your filling material. This could be sand, gravel, or even more concrete. Although, concrete is rarely used due to its potential for cracking or covering the new paving stones.

Finishing the Job

When you have finished placing the paving stones, secure the ones on the edges by placing nails or pegs into the ground. This will stop them from slipping outwards, especially if they are sat on loose materials. 

If anything needs to dry, allow it to. But you should then have a completed patio, perfect for good weather events.

More on How to Build a Patio

Now that you understand how to build a patio, you can start the process of planning, patio design and building the real thing. If you still have questions about DIY and patios, we have several other articles available for you.

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