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Hello everyone, have you ever heard of a buzz saw? You’d be surprised how many CodyCross crossword players ask what a power tool with a rotating blade is because they don’t know it’s a buzz saw. 

That’s pretty interesting since buzz saws are essential tools for construction workers, hobbyists, or even artists. Since you’re here, let’s take a break from CodyCross and other crossword puzzles and learn a little bit about this strange power tool with a rotating blade…

What is it?

Buzz saw is an alternative name to a circular saw. So, if you’ve heard of a circular saw before then you should know that it’s basically the same thing. A buzz saw is equipped with a toothed blade that rotates at a high speed to cut things up easily and nicely.

There are a few other tools that look similar to a buzz saw such as a hole saw and a ring saw. These tools may look similar, but their uses are different from a buzz saw. One more variant that you should know is skill saw. Skill saw is a buzz saw that is more portable and easier to handle.

Buzz saw has been around for a very long time. It was invented around the end of the 18th century to be more precise. Since then buzz saws have been responsible for increasing productivity of sawmills all across the globe.

There are so many claims to the invention of a buzz saw from a sail maker in Southampton to an unknown person in Holland from the 16th or 17th century.

How does it work?

From the outside, it’s pretty simple. A buzz saw uses its rotating toothed blade to cut various materials e.g. wood or metal. A circular saw makes a different sound from an older saw and that’s how it earned the name buzz saw.

There are some standard components that you need to know to understand how a buzz saw work. First the blade guard, it covers the blade when it isn’t used and retracts to expose the blade during use.

The footplate steadies the saw during use so you can make a precise cut. And since the blade is rotating at high speed, it helps to stabilize the tool. Besides the footplate, there is a depth adjustment that allows you to cut in different thicknesses.

If you want to try bezel cutting, you can use the bevel adjustment that lets the footplate tilt in the right angle depending on what you want. This way of making bezel cut is as easy as adjusting the bevel.

What is it for?

With a buzz saw, you can make quick and easy straight cuts across a board or along the board’s length. You can also make a bezel cut like already explained above. Many people use a buzz saw for many purposes.

For sawmills, they use a very large buzz saws to cut timbers before distribute them to various factories or shops. There is another variant of a buzz saw, people call it a cord wood saw. It used to be very popular in rural America and used to cur smaller wood into firewood.

For hand-held buzz saws, they’re powered by electricity and are designed to cut wood and other materials. For cutting harder materials, buzz saws are equipped with tungsten steel and operate at a higher speed.

One more popular variant of a buzz is called a cold saw and it’s used for cutting metals. Cold saws are usually large and operate at slower speeds. The saw is commonly fed into the material horizontally and severs it to produce narrow slots.

Safety advice

Using a buzz saw of any type and size requires full attention from the user. Even professionals don’t and can’t take buzz saws lightly. These are a few tips that you must remember and follow:

  • Always wear eye protection, ear protection, and a dust mask.
  • Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry. The saw blade could pull loose clothing and jewelry if too close.
  • Always stand on the side. Standing on the side saves you from kickbacks.
  • Do not overextend. Move your feet to gain perfect balance and gain full control of your body.
  • Check the blade before use. Sharp blade works better and safer. Also, make sure that the blade cutting nut isn’t too tight.
  • Make sure that the surface of the material is free of foreign objects like screws or nails.
  • Use both of your hands at all times if possible.
  • Make sure that it’s as shallow as you can.
  • Always check the manual before replacing your equipment.

Follow this safety guide before you operate a buzz saw to avoid any accident.

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