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What Home Owners Need to Know About Solar Panels

Solar panels are one of the best technological inventions of the 20th century. And solar panels are going stronger than ever before, thanks to the lower price and easy installation.

This is a great way to save money on your bills and make your home more valuable. Furthermore, if you can install it DIY style – you’re saving even more and it’s actually quite straightforward.

In the United States, the market for solar panels is going really strong. Even during the pandemic, people are still investing their money for solar energy.

Many developing countries are also investing in solar energy. Several gigantic solar farms are built in countries where the sun is shining for a long time. Solar farms provide a huge amount of power at an affordable price.

If you are curious and want to know more about solar panels, I suggest you keep reading. We’re going to learn a lot more about solar panels together.

Solar panels are getting more efficient and cheaper

Many solar panel manufacturers have found a way to improve solar panel efficiency levels by more than 20%. They managed to achieve this while decreasing the price of each unit.

In 2020, solar panels are now affordable for homeowners with an efficiency of up to 23%. And this breakthrough answers the demand for many solar energy farms all around the world.

It is possible to fly an airplane with solar energy

We already have solar energy powered trains and cars. But, it’s also possible to fly a plane entirely with solar energy and no other additional power source.

The idea was proposed by Bertrand Piccard. The idea became a reality when the plane, Solar Impulse II, managed to take off from Abu Dhabi. The plane was used to promote solar energy all around the world.

Solar energy storage can store a huge amount of energy

Many people think that solar energy is useless during nighttime. That solar panels are only useful during the daytime and can only power their house for a few hours every day.

But that is completely wrong. Solar energy can provide power to your house at all times. That is 24/7.

Solar panels manufacturers can provide a storage system for homeowners so they can be completely independent. And thanks to the healthy competition between big manufacturers, the system is getting more and more affordable.

No more electricity bill

It’s only natural that since solar energy is now very efficient at powering your house, your electricity bill is now obsolete.

It’s recommended to consult with any solar panel manufacturer to come up with a plan for your house. It’s possible to create a year-long plan, to be completely independent.

The planning usually involves roof space and how many solar panels you can install for your house. With the right planning and calculation, you’ll only need the right number of solar panels, while getting all the solar energy you need.

Community solar is a thing

I have talked about the installation a few times. But there is an option to not install anything for your solar energy needs.

The concept of community solar has been invented in 2019. Community solar or shared solar gives the option for homeowners to get solar energy from a massive solar farm somewhere else. This solar farm provides thousands of people with solar energy.

Community solar is a good way to get into solar energy. It’s cheap and easy to get. Naturally, community solar has gained popularity, especially in four states, such as Colorado, Minnesota, California, and Massachusetts.

Solar is the future

Many scientists have been trying to come up with better energy sources to combat pollution, limited resources, and increasing demand for more and cleaner energy. Solar energy has been proving itself to be the answer.

In December 2016, the cost of installing solar electricity generation has dropped to $1.65 per watt. This price point is lower than wind energy and fossil fuel, which was $1.66 per watt for wind energy.

For homeowners in 2020, the average cost of installation is at $2.91 per watt. This is surprising since getting to $4 per watt was considered to be very difficult.

Not only that, solar energy is obviously abundant in almost every part of the world. Solar will never be depleted in our lifetime and in some country solar can be farmed for more than 12 hours a day.

Solar is a great investment

This is now the reality of solar energy. Solar energy is a great investment for homeowners. Many experts even compared solar energy to stocks and bonds, and they concluded that solar energy is a better investment.

Take homeowners in the US for example. They can achieve a breakeven point in three to seven years. This is possible due to the decreasing price of solar energy while the price of grid electricity keeps rising. It’s possible to achieve this in three years in some states where utility prices are high.

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