The Ultimate Guide to Fobus Holsters – Everything You Need to Know

Whether you’re a competitive shooter, a self-defense enthusiast, or someone who needs to carry their gun for everyday use, there are some essential things to consider when selecting the right holster.

A good holster will protect your weapon from being dropped or damaged, prevent accidental discharge, and give you quick access to your firearm when it’s time to draw. However, comfort is often the most overlooked factor when choosing a holster.

What is a Fobus Holster?

Fobus holsters are designed and manufactured by police, law enforcement, security personnel, and SWAT teams. Mold injected with RX-18 polymer, fobus holsters are tough and durable for tactical applications.

Retention of a firearm in a holster is critical to its functionality, especially in self-defense situations where time is of the essence. From friction to tension screws, various holsters have different ways of holding onto firearms.

It is essential to consider your personal needs when choosing a holster. One that is made specifically for your gun is best.

Concealed Carry Holsters

Concealed carry holsters are a critical piece of equipment for firearm owners. Without them, your firearm can become an unintentional safety hazard to yourself and others.

There are many different types of concealed carry holsters, each with benefits and drawbacks. Understanding these differences will help you find the right holster for you and your firearm.

Holsters are available in various materials, including leather, kydex, and nylon. The material used in a holster will impact how comfortable it is to use.

Tactical Elite Holsters

When you carry a gun, your holster choice is one of the most critical. It’s crucial to find one that fits your body, feels comfortable, and is suited to your wardrobe.

Choosing a high-quality tactical elite holster is crucial to your safety and security. These holsters can protect your firearm from dust and moisture, which extends its lifespan.

They should also be easy to draw and re-holster quickly so you can quickly react to an attack or danger. If you do, you’ll feel more ready to wield your weapon.

Fobus offers a complete line of elite tactical holsters that meet the safety and quick draw requirements of today’s law enforcement and military personnel. Officers trust these holsters at federal, state, and local levels worldwide.


For people who must carry a gun on their hip, shoulder holsters are a popular option, but knowing how they function and what to anticipate is crucial. While this carry style has much to offer, it’s also problematic and dangerous if not used correctly.

A shoulder holster is typically made from leather and has a retention strap that loops around the back of the slide or hammer. It’s a simple approach that has worked for decades but is not the fastest or most secure.

Shoulder holsters are best for concealed carry but can also be used for tactical carry and other applications. They benefit those who spend much time seated and need to access their gun quickly, such as at meetings or in cars.

Ankle Rigs

Ankle holsters are popular among gun owners who carry small backup guns to keep them handy in case their primary firearm is unavailable or malfunctions. The best ankle holsters offer solid firearm retention, secure thumb break placement, and a comfortable fit.

Ankle rigs are a good choice for day-long concealment because they allow you to conceal a small handgun in almost any situation, including in the car or on the go. However, choosing a comfortable rig that fits your unique body type and needs is essential. This rig has hook-and-loop fasteners to ensure firearm retention, and most models include an inside adjustable thumb break.

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