The spy industry is a domain that is very quick to evolve. Let's take a look at the many different types of spy gear that can be found on the web today.

What Are the Different Types of Spy Gear That Exist Today?

In 2021, around 328,687,796 movie tickets were sold in the U.S, which shows Americans are die-hard fans of movies, especially spy ones. 

And while we lose ourselves in the world of James Bond and James Bourne, it’s easy to forget that the spy industry is real and thriving. Perhaps you have a fascination with espionage and want to know what the latest gadgets are IRL.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are different types of spy gear that are used today.  

Thermal Camera 

Finding the best thermal camera is key when you lead a life of espionage. This is to help you pick up heat sources like guard dogs or humans nearby. It’s even possible to get a heart rate camera so you can test the user’s breath and heartbeat.

If you’re interested in grabbing a spy camera yourself, then check this out.  

Electric Shock Briefcase 

One of the best spy gadgets is the electric shock briefcase. Instead of filling a regular briefcase with sensitive material, you need one that can emit an electric shock to anyone who tries to steal it.

Plus, the gadget comes complete with a piercing alarm so you can quickly recover your confidential documents.

GPS Tracking Device 

Sure, we all have a GPS tracking device on our phones, but this is the next level. A spy’s GPS tracker lets you discover the target vehicle’s location, speed, and time so you can catch up.

Further, many GPS tracking devices have a “live listen” feature that lets you eavesdrop on crucial conversations.  

Gas Injection Knife 

You’ll notice that spy weapons are never what they appear. And the gas injection knife is no different.

Although it looks like a standard blade, the knife handle contains pressurized carbon dioxide which is activated with a trigger. So when you stab an animal with it, for example, the gas is released and almost destroys the target.  

LANMODO Car Night Vision Camera

Everyone working in the spy industry knows the LANMODO car night vision camera. When you’re trailing a target at night, the last thing you want is to turn on your headlights. Luckily, you can activate the LANMODO unit to give you a clear vision of the road ahead. 

Wallet Lock Pick

As a spy, you must sneak into off-limits areas. Instead of kicking down the door, whip out your wallet lock pick. This gadget is sleek and lets you bypass pesky locks, thanks to the feeler, diamond, and hybrid pick.

Because of this, you can discover your target’s secrets without alerting your enemies.  

The Most Popular Types of Spy Gear

Hopefully, you now know the popular types of spy gear on the market. 

Every spy is prepared with a thermal camera, a gas injection knife, and an electric shock briefcase to protect sensitive documents. And the gadget collection isn’t complete without a wallet lock pick and GPS tracking. Happy shopping!

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