What Is The Importance Of Towing Services?

There are some essential factors for selecting a towing service. These include experience, licensing, and insurance. You can also view the price per mile. This will make the decision easier.


Towing professionals are trained to handle a variety of situations. They can help with abandoned cars, car accidents, and mechanical breakdowns. They need to understand basic car mechanics and the operation of electrical systems. They are also trained to maneuver around a variety of roads.

A reliable towing company should have a fleet of vehicles that can be dispatched to the scene for road service Tucker, GA. This way, they can accommodate different vehicles, from luxury cars to daily drivers. Also, you should look into how far the company covers. While some companies focus on small areas, others are more extensive and service remote areas.


There are several steps to ensure that your company is appropriately licensed. First, you should get a license to provide towing services. Then, to avoid violations, make sure your license is current. Next, you need to make sure your towing service accepts credit cards.

You will need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to operate a towing service. There are several classes of CDLs. For instance, a type A CDL is required for drivers of standard cars, while a class B CDL is needed for drivers of larger vehicles. You will also need to ensure that your tow truck business has a physical location. This will ensure that your business complies with zoning laws, building codes, and government regulations.

Once you have a license, you must adhere to the Code and your permit agreement. If you fail to meet these terms, you may face disciplinary action or even be denied a permit. In addition, several violations may result in your license being suspended or revoked.


If you operate a towing service, you should have specialized insurance. This coverage pays for any damages you cause to someone else’s property. This type of insurance is required in all 50 states and is typically purchased along with bodily injury liability coverage. Knowing this type of insurance coverage is essential, as some plans have loopholes you need to be aware of.

When insuring your tow truck, you can choose from different policy options that meet the needs of your business. Some options overlap with your general commercial auto insurance, while others are specific to tow trucks. For example, bodily injury liability coverage pays for injuries caused during accidents, and all states require it. Fortunately, several reputable insurance carriers offer this coverage without hidden fees.

Price per mile

Towing services generally charge a base fee and a per-mile fee for their services. The base fee may be as low as $35, while the price per mile can range from $2.50 to $5. Many towing companies include the first five or seven miles in the base fee. Some towing companies also have the cost of towing motorcycles in the base fee. Towing services vary widely in pricing, so asking for a price breakdown is essential.

The price per mile is calculated by multiplying the hookup fee by the number of miles traveled by the tow truck. The higher the distance, the more it costs. The situation in which the tow truck is needed will also affect the rate of the towing service. For example, if you need towing services for a flatbed or are pulled from a ditch, the cost per mile will be higher. The company may also charge additional fees if it is in bad weather or urgently needed.


Towing is a dangerous job, and the safety of tow truck drivers is crucial. There are many risks drivers face daily, including chemical spills, road debris, and equipment. Failure to follow proper safety protocols can result in severe injuries and even death. To prevent such injuries and fatalities, tow truck drivers should follow OSHA safety guidelines.

Road crashes cost the country $230 billion annually in the United States. Towing heavy vehicles is a serious safety concern, so drivers should avoid driving during bad weather conditions..

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