4 Creative Art Display Ideas for Creative Homeowners

Did you know that 72% of Americans attended an arts event last year?

Bringing a meaningful work of art into your home can bring a sense of style to a room and create an excellent focal and talking point. But how we choose to display pictures is just as important as the art itself.

These creative art display ideas will help you showcase the art you love in a way that adds depth to your interior design.

Read on for 4 art display ideas to try.

1. A Gallery of Frames

If you want to make an impression and display your eclectic tastes, a gallery of assorted frames is an expressive way to showcase your art. Use a wide variety of frames, with different sizes, colors, shapes, and designs to create an interesting collage of your favorite images.

You can give old frames a new lease of life with a clean-up and a lick of paint. Save money by keeping an eye out at second-hand and thrift stores for any prints with interesting frames.

One of the best things about a gallery is that it can grow organically over time as you have new creative art display ideas.

2. Utilize Odd Numbers

The “rule of three” can help you create tasteful yet impactful artwork displays. Generally, odd numbers of things are more eye-catching and exciting to look at.

For an organized aesthetic, arrange odd numbers of things symmetrically, or opt for a more creative, informal style with an asymmetrical arrangement. You Could even hang groups of 3 pictures at equal intervals for an interesting wall piece. 

3. Create a Grid Layout

Grids are one of the smartest art display ideas for your home because they can help make your art a part of something bigger. Choose complimentary images to create a rich tapestry of your favorite media. 

You could use the same effect with smaller pieces to utilize wall space that won’t fit a large print or canvas. Think about how the color palette of each piece complements the display as a whole for the best effects.

4. Dedicate a Wall

If you have a stand-alone piece of art that you love, you could consider dedicating an entire wall to it. Of course, the picture doesn’t have to fill the whole wall, but leaving blank space around an image can enhance its visual appeal.

Check out customcanvasprints.com for a range of canvas art display ideas and wood prints with custom sizing and design, and create the perfect piece of art for your dedicated wall.  

Art Display Ideas You Must Try

The way you display your art at home can completely transform its effect on a room. By incorporating some creative art display ideas, you’ll create a unique style that makes your space more enjoyable to look at.

We hope this guide has inspired you to try out a few new art display ideas! Why not get started today?

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