Are you looking for the perfect custom military gift for a loved one in the service? Don't miss out on these 4 unique ideas.

4 Custom Military Gift Ideas to Give a Loved One in the Service

The holiday season can be a difficult time to have a loved one in the armed services, as sometimes duty calls and one cannot return home to spend time with family. Keeping the spirits up during this time can be all-important, and determining the best gift for one’s loved one in the armed services can be valuable.

What is the perfect military gift for someone out defending the country? A custom-made gift can really brighten the spirit and lighten the soul. There are many different options out there, and you can choose the one that feels like the best choice for your loved one.

What are some well worth considering? Read on and we’ll walk you through the details.

1. Night Sky Star Map

Here’s a sweet and even potentially swoon-worthy gift idea. There are many services out there that allow you to get a map of the night sky’s star pattern, as seen on a particular night and from a particular place.

Often, when two loved ones are apart, they can find solace in the idea that they are looking up at the same night sky. This can help to make that peaceful idea into a swell gift, something that one can hold near and dear for many years to come.

You can pick any date and time to memorialize with this gift. It may be an anniversary or a particularly memorable date that you went on with your loved one. It could be their birthday, the night they joined the military, or any night worth memorializing for the future. 

These star maps can be displayed near one’s bed while on base and can be brought home and hung on a wall once they return. 

2. Personalized Flask

It’s important to stay hydrated, no matter where in the world your loved one may be stationed during this time. Luckily, there’s a gift that can serve as a reminder to drink up and enjoy some sweet H2O. 

A flask is a thoughtful and undeniably useful gift. There are plenty of opportunities to make it feel even more special and thoughtful. You can provide a personalized flask that has a message or image on it that can remind your loved one of your home, shared memories, or even a little inside joke. 

This gift can serve as a reminder of home while away, and something your loved one can display for others around the base when talking of back home. There are some flask companies out there that will even donate an additional flask to the military each time you buy one.

That means you’ll be helping out your own soldier but also another who might not be as lucky when it comes to receiving gifts from home. 

3. Custom Challenge Coin

The challenge coin is an age-old military tradition. It dates back to the earliest days of World War I, where military members would use them as a game to keep spirits up during the hard times.

The way a challenge coin works within the military is quite simple. Different military members are gifted them and keep them on their bodies as much as possible. When the members of a certain troop are out at the bar, someone may initiate a challenge by slapping their coin on the table.

The last person to slap their coin on the table as well must buy a round of drinks for those who did have their coin on them. It’s a form of fun camaraderie and remains a rich tradition among military members. 

Providing a challenge coin for your loved one overseas can help them to be a part of this long-standing tradition. Outside of that, it can help to serve as a loving memento and a reminder of love radiating out to them from home.

Custom challenge coins are a great way to give a personalized spin to this kind of gift. You can emblazon any kind of image and words across the challenge coin that can help to provide a deep personal meaning to this gift.

Looking at the items available at Custom Challenge Coins can help you to pick out the perfect custom gift for your loved one this season. 

4. Coffee Set

No matter where you are in the world, it can be hard getting up. This is especially true of military members, who work hard days and can have crushingly early wake-up times.

Providing your loved one in the military with a full coffee set can give them something to look forward to on those cruel mornings. 

Sending over a selection of excellent beans, a grinder, and a french press can give your military member all they need to craft a perfect cup of joe just about anytime. 

If your soldier is a lover of java, this is a gift that’s going to go down just right. How to make it even more personalized? 

Include a custom mug that features an image or phrase that’s sure to tickle them or make them feel loved. Altogether, this is a gift from home that’s going to give them bragging rights all around the camp. 

The Best Custom Military Gift

Looking to find the perfect gift for your loved one that is serving overseas? While picking the perfect custom military gift might be difficult, the above are all excellent ideas that are worth considering. Receiving any of these gifts is sure to brighten the day of your loved one who is off serving.

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