5 Best Tablets for College Students

Technology is a great asset for college students, that opens the doorway to greater levels of potential. Having a quality tablet while studying can help with everything from taking notes to researching for essays, and much more. The brand that comes to mind when thinking about tablets is Apple, with the iPad being one of the first to enter the scene. However, there are plenty of manufacturers offering quality tablets for college students. Continue reading to find out which are the best.

Apple iPad Mini (2021)

Apple is a household name when it comes to tablets, with the iPad being almost synonymous with tablets, and for good reason. The iPad Mini has always been a great tablet, even before it was updated in 2021, which just made it even better. The display is vibrant, and the device operates on 4GB RAM, which is more than enough for any student. If you want to increase your tablet’s productivity, you can invest in the Apple Pencil 2, which is perfect for taking notes and for budding artists.

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab

Lenovo has been a staple in the tech world since 1984, and their line of Lenovo tablets for college students is a testament to their industry experience. The Yoga Smart Tab is a small but mighty tablet that has an impressive screen resolution and audio output. This tablet has a unique design, with the bottom end being bulkier, to let you stand it up on a desk, which is perfect for taking notes or filming lectures.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Samsung dominates the android mobile space, so there’s no surprise that their tablets are great as well. This tablet, which operates on the Android system, is a great device that doesn’t come with an enormous price tag, which makes it a great alternative to the iPad. Included in the reasonable price, you will get an S Pen stylus to boost your productivity.

Amazon Fire HD 8 (2020)

The Amazon Fire HD 8 is an extremely budget tablet that will leave you with plenty of your student loan to spend on your weekly shop. If you’re an Alexa fan and use the Amazon IoT in your home, this tablet will be perfect for you. There’s no point expecting the world if you choose this tablet, but it will get you through when it comes to taking notes and writing essays.

Microsoft Surface Go 2

Microsoft is the go-to operating system for laptops and computers, so there’s no surprise that they’ve jumped into the tablet space. The Surface Go 2 is a versatile tablet that operates on the Windows OS, which means it has the same functionality as the majority of laptops on the market. This is fantastic for creative students because there’s no need to miss out on the product functions cut by mobile versions.

Having a tablet at college will increase productivity and open the door to new opportunities. Choosing a tablet can be overwhelming because there are so many choices, but the list above should help point you in the right direction.

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