Whether you're a homeowner or a renter, you might be faced with some occasional utility work. We're here to tell you about some unique tools to help out.

5 Unique Tools for Utility Work

Every home is going to face one problem or another at some point in its lifespan. It may be a busted pipe that needs a water utility worker’s expert touch or unstable electrical elements. Your city’s Public Works and Utilities department should be properly equipped to deal with whatever issue comes up.

When something breaks or needs adjustment, you’ll need the right kind of tools to perform the necessary utility work yourself. Here are five of the most unique tools around for any aspiring utility worker. 

1. HexFlex Adventure Tool

The HexFlex Tool functions as a uniquely designed multi-tool suitable for your needs in the wild and in your home. Designed in the shape of a snowflake, each HexFlex option comes with 15 different tools in a small package. 

Some of the tools include a Philips head screwdriver, a box cutter, and more. It also has a bottle opener for when you get thirsty doing utility work. 

2. Bosch Max FlexiClick 5-in-1 Drill/Driver System

For a more heavy-duty multi-tool, check out the Bosch Max FlexiClick. It comes with five different attachments for screwing, drilling, and offset driving. Swap out the head for whatever function you need at any given moment. 

While it isn’t the most powerful option, it offers a lot of versatility in a single package. 

3. Air Shim

What is a utility worker going to use when they need to make slight adjustments between two objects?

Shims allow you to space out objects to keep them plumb and level while you work. Usually, they’re made out of some kind of wood. 

The Air Shim looks more akin to an inflatable cushion and can be adjusted with the attached hand pump. They’re easy to inflate and hold up to 300 pounds. One of the biggest benefits is that its material won’t scratch up your walls or floor while you work. 

4. Laser Distance Measuring Tool

Ever try to measure a large space by yourself with a single measuring tape? It can prove difficult when the tape wobbles around on you. Wouldn’t implementing lasers make that task easier?

A laser distance measuring tool uses a laser and an optical sensor to do the job for you. All you have to do is line up the measurer with the opposite surface and it provides a reading. 

5. Hydro Vacuum Cleaner

Ring-O-Matic tools have a strong reputation for how easy they are to use. Their line of Hydro Vacuum Cleaners employs high-pressure water and vacuums to get rid of dust, dirt, and debris. They’re the perfect option for big cleanups.

Get Utility Work Done Right

Constant innovation in technology means utility work these days is much easier than it used to be. However, you still need to rely on the experts to get the job done. 

How do utilities work in apartments? Who should be your emergency contact when you suspect there’s a gas leak? To get the answer to these questions and more, reach out to your local Public Works Utilities Department. 

And to learn more about construction, plumbing, and more, check out our other articles. 

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