6 Things Most People Don’t Know About Storage Yards

When looking to store your belongings, it’s worth keeping a few things in mind. Whether you store your items at a storage yard or a neighbor’s home, choosing a location with adequate security and good lighting is essential. You may find that using a neighbor’s storage yard is much cheaper than renting an entire storage yard.

Neighbor storage is cheaper

You don’t have to maintain a storage yard when you use Neighbor storage. It’s cheaper, and you can avoid paying rent you don’t need. Neighbor hosts accept applications for a storage yard Casper WY. They approve rental requests and let you know when you can move in.

Neighbor storage is free to sign up for, and hosts earn monthly cash by renting out their spare space. Unlike most storage yards, Neighbor hosts charge lower fees than big-name companies. The process is simple: renters pay rent at the beginning of the month, and the payment is automatically transferred to the host’s account at the end of the month. The neighborhood is also flexible, allowing renters to take out their items before the month’s end, saving money in the long run.

It’s more secure

Adding CCTV cameras to your storage yard can increase the safety of your storage facility and protect the people working in it. These cameras help externalize threats like burglaries and theft and prevent internal threats like disgruntled employees or vandals from damaging your property. It also works as a deterrent for violent crime and robberies.

These systems have more features than ever before, but the main goal is to prevent burglars and vandals from entering your facility. Modern intelligent locks employ measures to keep intruders out, including biometrics and 2-step authentication. Additionally, modern security features include better lighting to make it harder for criminals to hide. Another important factor in security is the presence of professional armed security officers. Armed security officers and VSAs provide an extra layer of protection for your storage facility, and power outages do not hamper them.

It has an electrical outlet

If you are moving to a new location and are looking for storage space, you may want to ask if the facility has an electrical outlet. Although most managers would consider this a big red flag, there are some instances when a tenant needs electricity in a storage unit for a legitimate reason. If the manager cannot provide you with an electrical outlet, you can take steps to find an alternative location. Explain your need and be as polite as possible, especially if they deny your request. Eventually, persistence will pay off, and you may even be able to find a storage facility that has an electrical outlet.

One of the benefits of an electrical outlet is convenience. Electrical outlets allow you to access your items any time of the day or night. This feature is beneficial for business owners. If you run a landscape or construction business, having an outlet for your electrical equipment is essential.

It has a 24/7 access gate

A perimeter fence is one of the best security measures for a storage facility. A perimeter fence can be in the form of a swing, sliding, or vertical pivot gate. Many storage facilities also install a side pedestrian gate. This feature allows tenants to enter without going through the main vehicle entrance, which is convenient if the storage facility is located in an urban area with a lot of foot traffic.

Many of these facilities also have lighting installed around the facility to help people find their way around the property. Lighting is beneficial if you need to access the unit during nighttime or early morning hours.

It has a surveillance system

To ensure the safety of your storage yard; you need a surveillance system. A surveillance system may assist in identifying present consumers, maintaining track of any questionable activities, and detecting offenders. You might even use it to recover stolen goods. A surveillance system may also report unlawful activities to the local police.

Long-range cameras mounted on poles can help cover the entire area if you have an open storage yard. You should have an expert engineer design the camera system to provide the most effective coverage. You should also consider the number of cameras and hard drive space. The total number of days your video can be stored depends on the number of cameras installed and the hard drive size. Motion-activated recording options can also increase the days you can keep the video.

It has a lock

A storage yard is a convenient place to store your belongings, but there are a few things you should know before you leave your things there. You should check the facility’s security and ask if they have video monitoring or in-person surveillance. Having these measures in place will keep your belongings safe. You should also make sure the facility is well-lit.

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