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Everything You Need to Know About Public Storage Facilities

Self-storage facilities are self-contained spaces that rent space monthly. They are located in cities, suburbs, and even the country. Some of these facilities have insurance and security features. Here are some important points to keep in mind before renting a unit:

Self-Storage Facilities Are Located In Cities, Suburbs, Small Towns, And The Country.

Self-storage is a growing industry that demographic trends have fueled. Baby boomers are downsizing and moving to sunbelt cities, millennials are moving into downtowns and need extra space, and small businesses need extra space for excess inventory. This has resulted in record investment in the industry in recent years. This year alone, self-storage facilities will add about 40 million square feet of space to the market.

The need for storage has become so great that the industry has grown exponentially. Since 2000, upward of 3,000 self-storage facilities have opened across the United States. 

They’re Rented Monthly.

If you have a lot of things to store and are looking for a way to make it easier to find space, you may want to rent a storage unit from public storage facility Petaluma or public storage facilities near you

Before renting a storage unit, it is important to make sure that you check the security of the facility. This should include things like security cameras, a guard, and gates. You should also check the locks and gate code. Keep in mind that security concerns can also vary depending on the location of the storage unit. For example, outdoor units are especially susceptible to security risks.

They Have Security Features.

Public storage facilities are equipped with a range of security features that can help keep them safe and secure. For example, security cameras are particularly useful as they help police apprehend break-in suspects and prevent future thefts. Furthermore, these cameras can boost occupancy by attracting new renters. Therefore, these security features are considered an absolute must by many people.

Lighting is another essential security feature. Dark areas attract criminals, so having plenty of lights will deter them from targeting the storage facility. Additionally, bright lights make tenants feel comfortable visiting the storage unit. For more information on security features, you can check out security products from companies such as Sentinel Security Corp.

They Have Insurance

Most self-storage facilities offer insurance to protect your belongings. This insurance usually covers the same items as homeowner’s insurance, up to a certain limit. However, you should note that the coverage usually doesn’t cover motor vehicles and high-value items like jewelry and collectibles. Additionally, you should check if the storage facility offers supplemental insurance packages.

Most storage insurance companies offer free quotes. You can also work with an independent agent to review the policy and ensure you have enough coverage. For example, most policies do not cover smoke or water damage, and you may want to add this coverage. You should also ask whether your storage facility covers to mold and pests.

They Have Seasonal Rates.

Seasonality is a common characteristic of self-storage facilities. Rates fluctuate during different seasons based on various factors, such as weather and temperature. For example, seasonal volatility is greatest in North Dakota, while seasonality is lowest in Arizona. While seasonality is inevitable, the customer should consider the importance of accessibility and proximity in selecting a storage facility.

High-lease seasons also bring in new business and local competition, so staying competitive and setting premium rates is important. Early spring is a good time to survey your competition and determine your revenue management strategy. You can use this time to identify competitive pricing, vacant storage options, and differentiating features that differentiate your facility from others.

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