If you know how your water pressure tank works, you'll understand the importance of tank maintenance. Read on to learn all about pressure tanks in this guide.

Plumbing Basics: How Does a Water Pressure Tank Work?

The water pressure tanks we use today have been a long time in the making. The earliest invention recognizable as a distant ancestor of today’s pumps was invented in 200 B.C. Since then, the efficiency and complexity of a water pressure tank have been improved significantly.

But how do today’s tanks work? What essential parts make the modern pressure tank work to bring plumbing into our homes? Continue reading to learn the answers to these pressing questions.

Essential Parts of a Water Pressure Tank

A pressure tank acts as a water reservoir for your home and keeps water pressure consistent. To do its job, a water pressure tank has several components. The well pump and pressure switch are the most essential parts of your home’s water pressure tank.

Well Pump

You can find the well pump inside your well casing. The purpose of the pump is to push water from below the ground and draw it into your pressure tank. The pump’s primary function is to keep enough water in the tank.

Pressure Switch

A pressure switch is responsible for automatically activating the well pump when necessary. Without the pressure switch, the tank won’t know when to use the well pump to keep enough water in the tank. Keeping enough water in the tank will ensure water pressure remains within 20psi of your starting and stopping parameters.

How Does a Water Pressure Tank Do Its Job?

Water pressure is the reason water can flow through your home’s plumbing. When water is pulled into the tank by the water pump, it creates water pressure using compressed air. This water pressure is determined by the type of tank you have, with the standard being 60psi.

Once water pressure falls too low, the pressure switch activates the pump. For example, let’s say your pressure tank has the most common standards of 60psi. You decide to take a shower, which draws water from the tank and makes the water pressure go down.

Once enough water has been drawn out that the tank’s water pressure drops to 40psi, the pressure switch will activate the water pump. The water pump will draw water into the tank until it reaches 60psi again. An error with either the water pump or pressure switch can cause severe problems with your water pressure tank, which is why proper tank maintenance is essential.

More Questions About How a Water Pressure Tank Works?

A pressure tank’s job is to act as a water reservoir and keep consistent water pressure. Consistent water pressure is essential in bringing water through your home’s pipes. The well pump and pressure switch are the most critical parts that allow this to happen.

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