Why do people move? This is a question many people ask when deciding whether they should sell their home. Here are the common reasons to move.

Why Do People Move? Common Reasons to Sell Your Home

In recent years, the rate of Americans moving has hovered at between 11.5 to 12.5% each year. Between 2013 and 2014, that was a rate of about 35.7 million people!

If you’re thinking about joining their numbers, you might still be weighing your options. After all, relocation is a big decision whether you’re moving across town or across the country. The reasons for making this choice can be intensely personal, and they differ from household to household.

Why do people move, and why should you consider it yourself? Let’s take a look at the most common reasons to find a new home.

Downsizing or Upgrading

One popular reason to sell a house is to move to a new property that is a more appropriate size for the household.

From empty nesters finding a smaller home to growing families whose kids need their own rooms, it can help to find a property that has the perfect amount of space. This choice is also popular among people who want extra rooms as office or hobby spaces, or people who want a larger yard for gardening or play. Fortunately, if you’re in this situation, it’s easier than ever to downsize or upgrade without purging stuff, and many people choose to store their belongings elsewhere if their new space can’t accommodate it.

Finding Better Schools or Neighborhoods

Your satisfaction with your home is about much more than the property itself: it’s also about the location. Common reasons to move include a wish to avoid crime or an unattractive area or bad relations with neighbors. Other people move in the hopes of finding a better school district or a more walkable location, for example.

Starting a New Adventure

One of the most exciting reasons for moving is starting a new adventure. Whether you’re moving across the country—or even overseas—a new home can be the start of a new chapter in your life.

Some people may choose to move after relationship changes like a marriage or divorce. Others might move in the hopes of finding a new job. Even if neither of these sounds like you, there are plenty of people who move in the simple hope of a fresh start in a new place!

Wanting a First or Better Home

Many young adults live in a rented property before buying their own, especially if they don’t yet have a stable job or know where they want to live. However, homeownership is a common dream, as it offers a huge spectrum of long-term benefits for the right person—and that dream is a popular reason to buy a home.

Alternatively, some homeowners may start planning a move simply out of a wish to upgrade to a better home. Whether you’re hunting for more eco-friendly home systems, a better layout, or a more modern design, finding your dream home can be a great way to make it all happen.

Why Do People Move, and Why Should You?

Knowing why other people move may help you decide whether or not you’re ready to pull the trigger. In essence, the most common reason to move is to get a better quality of life in the new property. If you think finding a new home can help you improve your lifestyle and enjoy your space more, consider taking the plunge!

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