Is your outdoor space inviting, calming, and healing? If not, you're not getting the most out of your home. Here's how to transform your outdoor space.

15 Ways to Transform Your Home’s Outdoor Space Into a Sight for Sore Eyes

Do you want to give your outdoor living space a major makeover?

Whether you want to fix up the front for some awesome new curb appeal or you’re interested in turning your backyard into a perfect oasis for all seasons, there are plenty of ways that you can fix up your outdoor space to make it your own.

Your friends and family will love spending time at your house and your neighbors will be jealous. What’s not to love?

Not sure where to get started? Do you need some decorating inspiration? We’ve got you covered. Keep reading for some of our favorite ways to upgrade your outdoor living space. There’s something for everyone!

1. Add a Water Feature

Adding a water feature is a quick and easy way to upgrade your outdoor space. Water features range from simple to complex, and there are several ways to do it. 

The first is by adding a small artificial fountain to your yard. You can use it to help water your plants nearby, to keep aquatic plants, or to provide water to the local animals. Little fountains attract animals like birds, squirrels, and even deer. If you love to see the local wildlife from your window, this is a great choice.

If you have the space for it, why not add a koi pond to your yard? As long as the temperature stays moderate and you know how to take care of koi, you get a pet and a beautiful decoration all in one. 

Water features work well in both the front yard and back yard.

2. Make a Secret Garden Path

We love the look of a whimsical path that leads from the front yard to the back garden. While it isn’t truly “secret,” a nice floral pathway adds some flair to any home. 

Make a path from your driveway with stepping stones or gravel and wind it through into the backyard. Fill the space around the path with your favorite floral bushes and hedges and consider adding an overhead wisteria trellis to complete the look. You’ll feel like you’re walking through a magical pathway every time you visit your garden.  

3. Add a Gazebo

Do you want to make a new space to sit amidst your garden? whether your porch is too small for a relaxing day outdoors or you want a space that’s central in your yard, a gazebo is a great addition. 

We suggest having your gazebo built for you, but if you’re handy you can make one on your own

Surround the gazebo with your favorite trees and bushes, put a nice bench inside, and sit there on sunny or rainy days to relax with a good book. 

4. Bring the Inside Outside

Who said that you can’t create a comfortable outdoor space that’s just as decorated and cozy as your indoor space? 

More and more people are choosing to use more furniture on their decks and patios to make them more habitable living spaces. Outdoor versions of all of your favorite furniture are available.  

Many people have added outdoor kitchens to their yards. The grills of the past have been upgraded. Now, people have full stoves and ovens to make the most out of their outdoor parties. 

To complement the kitchen, you need a great dining area. Durable furniture like teak outdoor dining chairs and a matching table are great for taking your meals outdoors. 

There are couches, lounge chairs, coffee tables, and more. They’re all great for outdoor use due to water-resistant fabrics and durable structures. Make your outdoor space match your indoor space for a cozy and comfortable look. 

5. Add a Pool

Are you ready to make a huge change? Why not add a pool to your yard? 

Pools are expensive, but there are several ways to go about this. The first, and most affordable, is to purchase a large above-ground pool from the store. These pools are easy to put together and they can come down during the colder months. 

They don’t hold up as well as permanent pools, but they’re great for anyone who wants to swim during the summer without committing to a large construction project.

If you’re ready to spend some money for a backyard upgrade, opt for an in-ground pool. They require some maintenance but once they’re there, they’re there forever. 

There’s something luxurious about a house with a pool. If you choose to sell later, you can even get more money for your house. 

6. Get a Cozy Hot Tub

Is a pool too big for your yard? No problem. What’s better than sitting in a toasty hot tub on a chilly night? 

Hot tubs range in price, but they fit well on a deck or patio. You and your friends can warm up in the water as an ending to any outdoor party. 

Make sure to include a place to store towels and robes within arm’s reach so you don’t freeze on your way back inside! 

7. Create a Local Plant Garden

While all gardens are beautiful, most people use flowers that aren’t native to where they live. Why not get some local plants and flowers to contribute to your local ecosystem? 

Non-native plants aren’t good for your local environment. They also won’t grow as well on their own because they aren’t meant to be there. 

Getting seeds from local and native plants ensures that your plants will thrive in your yard even if you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to them. They’re also attractive to local bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. 

We should be doing everything that we can to protect and increase our bee population, and this is one way to help! 

8. Revamp Your Deck

Is your deck an awesome space for you to hang out, or could it use some work? It might be time to hire a professional to make your space shine. 

Sometimes a fresh coat of paint and a good power washing session are enough to improve your deck, but other times getting a full remodel with all new wood or concrete is the way to go.

Consider expanding your space so you have room for all of your new outdoor furniture. 

9. Consider an Outdoor Bar

Do you host a lot of parties? Why not make a special space for them? Setting up an outdoor bar is easy and it means you don’t have to go to and from the kitchen or settle for a punch bowl or keg. Cocktail hour is all the time. 

If you have a pool, you can turn the bar into a pool bar. An above-ground pool with a swim-up bar would take your backyard to a whole new level. 

10. Enclose Your Porch

Do you wish that you could enjoy your yard even when it’s raining or snowing? Turn part of your porch into an enclosed porch or sunroom. 

There are several ways to do this. The first is a permanent option. You can build new walls with full-wall windows, or a simpler structure out of wood in which the spaces are covered by screens. Either way, you’re safe from the elements. 

You could also choose a temporary option. You can invest in a temporary porch enclosure so you have the option to enjoy the sun or hide from the rain anytime. 

11. Add Some Hanging Gardens

Are you limited by a small space in your yard? Maybe you’d rather use what space you have for a deck and some space for your family to hang out. If so, that doesn’t mean that you have to give up gardening.

Hanging gardens are fun to make and easy to tend to. They’re also called vertical gardens. They work best with plants that stay small, like succulents and herbs. 

You can make one yourself or you can purchase one from the store. You can hang them against the wall of your house, lean them against your deck, or even hang them on your fence. 

12. Replace Your Grass 

We all love a green and grassy yard, but it can look unnatural. You have other options if the “perfect” yard isn’t for you.

We love the look of scattered wildflowers in a garden. This combines the need for uniqueness with the addition of native plants into your garden. You won’t miss the bright green grass when you have a field of colorful blossoms. 

It doesn’t look as tidy, granted, but it still looks incredible and different. 

13. Add a Fire Pit 

Who doesn’t love sitting around a fire with their friends and family? 

Fire pits are awesome additions to any backyard. There are some that you can put atop your deck or patio and others that you can make to set in the yard.

Making a fire pit is easy. Just make sure that you’re far away from anything too flammable and that you put the fire out when you’re ready to go inside. Get ready to roast some marshmallows and stay warm well into the night! 

14. Add Some Nice Lighting

This is an easy way to give your outdoor space some new character. It’s not expensive either! 

There are several cool lighting options that look great in any backyard. The first is tiki torches. You can get torches that have citronella inside so they have the added benefit of keeping pesky mosquitos away.

Standard tiki torches are also great. They give your yard an island vibe and transform any outdoor bar into a tiki bar.

If torches aren’t for you, why not opt for string lights? They’re not just for Christmas anymore! More and more people have jumped onto the string lights trend to transform the look of their yards.

Find the high points of your yard. You may have to make a new one or two if you want the lights to span the whole space. Bring your lights from under your roof and string them through every high point. 

This is another way to give your yard a whimsical look. The light is soft enough to give any outdoor party a calming glow. 

15. Paint a Mural

Are you looking to flex your artistic muscles? Decorate your backyard with a beautiful painting. 

If you want something that you can take with you whenever you choose to move, it’s a good idea to get a large sheet of wood at a home improvement store to paint on. If not, you can paint on any plain wooden fence!

The best way to paint a mural is by coming up with your idea first on a smaller scale. If you have a drawing tablet, consider taking a picture of the wood or fence and drawing on top of the picture to get a general idea of what you want to do. 

Choose your colors carefully. While it’s tempting to make the mural bright and colorful, if you’re new to murals this is really complicated. Sticking to a simple color palette will make sure that your mural is cohesive and that it comes together with ease.

Painting is a lot of fun, so consider getting your friends and family involved. If you have a specific design in mind, have them work on the easier bits like the background. If you want something fun, let everyone contribute their own ideas to the art. 

Transform Your Outdoor Space Today

The warmer seasons are approaching and that means that it’s time to fix up your outdoor space and make it your own. Decorating, planting flowers, and planning out your furniture arrangement are all a lot of fun. Brainstorm with your family and create the perfect yard today. 

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