Even if you have a home office, these uncertain times can be uninspiring. In this productivity skill guide, learn what you can eat and do to improve focus.

How To Boost Your Productivity Skill Right in Your Home Office

The whole world of work changed radically in 2020. Many Americans started working from home, some of whom will continue to do so in the future even as the economy slowly opens back up.

In fact, it was found that one in four Americans will be working remotely in 2021.

Whether you are new to working from home or you have been doing so for a while, boosting your productivity skill is likely one of your main focuses. Working from home has a number of benefits but also presents unique challenges. Creating a routine is one of the most helpful things you can do if you are trying to be more productive at home.

What does a productive routine look like, though? Let’s take a look at how to boost your home office productivity.

Prepare For Your Work Day

When you are learning how to be productive at home, one of the most common pieces of advice you hear is to get dressed as if you’re going to the office. For many, this is frustrating, as one of the perks of working from home is being able to do so and comfortable clothes.

However, I can help you mentally prepare and get into the flow of work to put on a work outfit. This doesn’t mean that you need to wear formal attire, though. Just make sure that you take a shower as you would before a normal workday and put on an outfit that is comfortable and casual but still professional.

Set Up a Proper Office

Don’t be tempted to work from your couch or from your bed. Of course, it can be helpful to switch up your workspace throughout the day. Perhaps you need to be through some documents and laying on the couch is a totally reasonable way to do that.

In general, though, you want to set up a proper officer yourself. This can get your brain into the zone of being at work.

Many people do not have the space to set up a whole room as their designated office. However, it’s worth it to find a spot in your home where you can work undisturbed. Set up a desk with a comfortable work chair and create a dedicated workspace.

Create a Productive Environment

If you are wondering how to set up a productive home office, there are a number of things you can include in your workday that can help you maintain focus.

Music is a powerful tool when it comes to being as productive as possible. You might choose to listen to background nature sounds, classical music, or some other playlist to help you stay focused on your work.

Smell is also something that you can control and your environment to help boost your performance. You can either burn incense or use an essential oil diffuser for this purpose. You might choose to use scents like rosemary, jasmine, citrus, pine, or lavender.

Lighting is also important when it comes to home office productivity. Cooler blue-and-white lights are better for concentrating while warmer yellow lights are better for relaxing.

Many people also decorate their office with plants, which can make the environment more appealing but can also help make you more productive, improve your health, enhance your mood, and clean your air.

You also might consider incorporating some supplements into your daily routine that boost productivity. Supplements like ashwagandha, L-theanine, and ginkgo Biloba are used by some to support their brain during their workday.

Delta-8-THC is also known to help boost energy and productivity. If you’re wondering how to be creative in a home office, you might want to check this out. You can learn about this cannabinoid more here.

Maintain Consistent Hours

It is really easy to lose track of time when you’re working from home. Learning how to be productive when you are in your home space is a skill in itself.

One of the best things you can do is maintain consistent work hours rather than doing a little work here and there. Some people might struggle with working too little in their at home while others might struggle with working too much. Neither is ideal, and maintaining consistent hours can help you be as productive as possible.

Treat your workday the same way you would if you’re at the office. Don’t let distractions in your home take you away from your work during your workday.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet is important for everyone, but it will also support you when you’re working from home. Meal planning and meal prepping can help make sure that you have food for your lunch break rather than heading to the snack shelf for something easy.

For your meals, you want to eat energizing foods like vegetables, protein, and complex carbohydrates. You won’t want to go overboard, though, as overheating can lead you to feel sluggish after lunch. It’s also important to stay hydrated.

Get Good Sleep

Getting good sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health overall. Be sure to stick with a proper sleep schedule that is consistent in terms of your bedtime in your wake-up time.

There are a number of things you can do to help increase the quality of your sleep. Make sure that the temperature in your bedroom is not too warm and also be sure to be sleeping in a very dark room. You might consider investing in blackout curtains or a sleep mask to deal with streetlights shining through your window.

Additionally, it can be a good idea to wear earplugs. Some people prefer to use a white noise machine or some other kind of sound to block out sound from the street or the household.

Create a Morning and Evening Routine

There are numerous benefits to creating a morning routine, including helping you be more productive during the day.

Everyone’s morning routine might look a little different. Typical activities might include drinking coffee or tea, taking a shower, brushing your teeth, exercising, meditating, or stretching.

Having a morning routine can help you feel in control, prepare yourself for the day, or your stress, and boost your energy levels. It can also help improve your relationships and help you to develop healthy habits.

It’s also important to have an evening routine before you go to bed. This can help you unwind, relax, and get your body and brain ready for sleep.

A bedtime routine might include taking a shower, meditating, doing light exercise, planning out the day for tomorrow, reading, meditating, praying, brushing your teeth, and more. You can also take the time to set out your outfit tomorrow, prepare your lunch, or otherwise get ready for the day.

It can help you get a better night’s sleep if you avoid looking at devices for a few hours before you go to bed. The lights from your smartphone or tablet can interfere with your circadian rhythm and make it difficult to fall asleep.

Get Regular Exercise

Having a regular exercise routine is beneficial in a number of ways. One of the ways is that it can help you to be more proactive in your daily life.

Working out or exercising regularly will benefit you positively in both your working and your personal life. It can help to keep you alert and sharpen your mind and all aspects of your life.

It can also help you deal with the feelings of isolation that might arise from working from home. Exercise is incredibly beneficial for your stress and for mental health. Without reason, you should definitely make exercising a high priority in your daily routine.

When you exercise, it boosts your endorphin levels which can help you feel happier, make you enjoy what you’re doing more, lead you to be more interested in the things you are doing.

Take Breaks

It can be easy to forget to take breaks when you are working from home. However, taking breaks can actually help you to be more productive throughout the day.

Schedule breaks ahead of time and be sure to take them in their entirety. At specific intervals, get away from your desk for a couple of minutes. You can take this time to listen to music, play with your pet, do some breathing exercises, or anything else that can help you relax for a couple of minutes.

Get Out of the House

If you’re wondering how to be productive when you’re working at home, one really good idea is to make sure to get out of the house from time to time. When you work from home, you are spending all day and all night in the same spot. While you likely love your home space, it’s a good idea to get some fresh air and change the scenery.

One particular opportunity that works well for people is using their lunch break to take a walk, go on a bike ride, or otherwise get out little bit. Maybe this is a good time for you to walk to the coffee shop down the street and grab a tea.

Another way that people get out of the house when they’re working from home is by feigning a commute. This might be as simple as walking around the block before they start working and then again in the reverse direction at the end of the day. This has the added benefit of helping your brain transition between working and not working.

Create Ground Rules With Housemates or Family Members

When you work from home, it’s common for people to assume that you are simply available all the time. However, this is not the case. If you allow housemates or family members to constantly be interrupting you, you will not be as productive as you want to be.

For that reason, it’s a good idea to set ground rules with your family or with your housemates. Even if you don’t live with certain family members, they might assume that they can call you at any time during the day. Communicate with those around you about when you’re busy and when you are available so that you can stay focused when you’re working.

Reduce Distractions

Some distraction you don’t have any control over. If a car alarm is going off on the street outside your window or if your neighbors mowing your lawn, that is simply something you will have to learn to work around. However, there are a number of distractions that you are in control of.

Common distractions are social media, phone chimes, or the nagging feeling that you should really put the laundry in or do the dishes. Do what you can to reduce distractions so that you can get your work done as productively and efficiently as possible.

Maintain Work-Life Balance

Unfortunately, it is all too common for people to feel unable to mentally “clock out” of work at the end of the day. This is particularly true when people work remotely. It is not healthy or sustainable to constantly be in work mode, and can definitely lead to burnout.

Be sure that you are taking the time you need to relax and restore yourself. This means purposely taking time when you are not thinking about work and not doing anything work-related.

Boosting Your Productivity Skill: Routine Is Your Friend

When you start working from home, efforts can be very exciting. There are so many wonderful things about being able to work from the comfort of your own space, including having more privacy, avoiding the commute, and the potential to create a better work-life balance. On top of that, you may even be able to work from anywhere in the world.

However, it can be difficult to maintain home office productivity when you’re on your own. Creating a routine that works for you both for the workday and for your free time is your best bet.

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