Things to Consider When Buying Indoor Heaters

Before you buy a new space heater, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. These include energy efficiency, the size of the unit, and the price. Also, be sure to watch out for children or pets. Most shoppers purchase space heaters in late fall and early winter, but you can also find discounts during the spring and summer. 

Energy Efficiency

Choosing an efficient heater is important when looking for a replacement one. You should check its AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) rating and compare it to your energy bill. Older heaters are likely less efficient, and you should replace them with more energy-efficient models. A professional HVAC contractor who specializes in inside heaters Kinnelon, NJ, can help you make the right choice regarding indoor heaters.

While most homes use a heating or cooling system throughout the year, minimizing their usage and energy consumption is still possible. You should look for energy-efficient heaters that meet safety and environmental standards. Also, you should choose a unit with a thermostat that automatically shuts off after a certain time.


When purchasing a new heater, determining the right size can be a bit tricky. Of course, the size of your room is important, but other factors must be considered. For example, some manufacturers measure the inside volume of the room rather than the square footage. This is the more accurate way to determine the right size.

Professional HVAC contractors use sophisticated calculations to determine the best size for a room. They consider the climate in your area, windows, doors, and more. It is almost like alchemy. 


When winter weather is coming, and you need supplemental heat, portable heaters are a great option. These heaters are generally fuel-efficient and can be easily transported. They can also keep you warm through cold winter nights. You can choose a smaller or larger model to keep your home or office comfortable, depending on your preferences.

Portable heaters are good for confined spaces, but you must be cautious. You should install a carbon monoxide detector in the room where you intend to use the heater. In addition, many heaters have auto shutoff features to prevent accidents.

Infrared Technology

Infrared technology is a new and innovative way to provide heat. The process is safe and harmless but can be damaging if used irresponsibly. This technology uses radiation that travels through objects and spreads them throughout the room. A quality heater should contain mostly long-wave infrared rays.

Infrared heaters are energy-efficient, using up to 40 percent less power than other heating solutions. They also produce direct heating so that you can feel the warmth immediately. In addition, they can be placed right in front of the objects you want to warm. 

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