Having a beautiful yard can do wonders for the overall look of your home. Here are five effective tips on how to get a green lawn.

5 Simple Tips on How to Get a Green Lawn

Americans value having a great lawn. In fact, 79% of Americans say that a good lawn is an essential factor in buying or renting a property. Despite this, many Americans don’t know much about how to get a green lawn. 

So how do you get a fantastic-looking lawn? This article lists five crucial lawn care tips. 

1. Aerate your lawn

For a lot of lawns, the soil below can become very compacted. This is often the case if you have pets or kids playing on the lawn. Compacted soil can cause many problems for your lawn. For example, it makes it difficult for water to drain. 

The solution is to aerate your lawn now and then. This is relatively easy to do – simply punch holes around your lawn around 3 inches deep. 

2. Use Natural Lawn Fertilizer

Another one of the top lawn care tips is to use only natural lawn fertilizer. In most cases, a natural lawn fertilizer will be much better at caring for your lawn than something synthetic. 

Not only is natural lawn fertilizer an excellent way to care for your lawn, but it’s also better for your family, pets, and the environment. In most cases, natural lawn care products are the best. 

3. Water Your Lawn Heavily (But Less Often)

While many people like to turn their sprinklers on for a few minutes every day, this isn’t actually good for your lawn. One of the top landscaping tips is to water your lawn heavily put less often. 

When you water your lawn heavily, the water gets down into the roots and encourages them to grow deeper. This results in a greener, healthier-looking lawn. 

Generally speaking, you should water your lawn with around 1 inch of water a week. So, how can you tell if you’ve watered your grass enough? You could place a shallow container on your lawn near your sprinklers. When that container fills up with an inch of water, you know you’re done watering. 

4. Use Compost

You can compost your grass clippings and other garden waste. The compost you create is great for adding to your soil. There are many great benefits associated with doing this. For example, compost can promote water drainage in certain kinds of soils. 

Compost is also great for balancing the PH levels of your soil. If you have issues with your soil, you may be able to correct it by using compost. 

5. Mow Your Lawn Correctly

It’s also vital that you know how to mow your lawn correctly. Mowing is essential, but you need to know how to do it right to get the best results. Different types of grass need to be mowed differently. For instance, Kentucky Blue Grass needs to be mowed to a height of one and a half to two and a half inches. 

Now You Know How to Get a Green Lawn

Now you know how to get a green lawn. As you can see, maintaining a quality lawn is no easy task. Looking out at your perfectly green lawn is an incredibly rewarding feeling that makes all the effort worthwhile. 

If you want to learn more about other landscaping topics, check out the rest of our blog posts. 

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