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7 Unique Bathroom Renovation Ideas

During the height of the pandemic in 2020, home renovations were very popular and 30% of all projects were bathroom upgrades.

Why? Well, having a beautiful, updated bathroom offers so many benefits. It’s easier to clean, the fixtures all work well, and it’s a better space for you to relax and unwind.

But you don’t want to follow bathroom trends when you remodel because they will become outdated. You need unique bathroom renovation ideas that will look special and last for years.

And here are some original bathroom remodeling ideas to get you started!

1. Level up Your Showerheads

Sometimes, you don’t need to undergo a full home renovation to change the vibe in your home. Often it’s the little things that make the most difference.

Swap your leaking showerhead for a waterfall alternative. Opt for one with all the bells and whistles so you can change the pressure and gain instant relaxation.

2. Ditch the Tub for a Wetroom

When was the last time you used your bathroom? If you can’t remember, it was too long ago. And if you have a combo bath and shower, the tub is likely taking up precious space.

When you start bathroom remodeling, rip out the tub and transform your bathroom into a wet room. This will give you more space for a standing shower plus you’ll be able to get dual showerheads.

3. Creative Storage Solutions

If your bathroom is small, you likely keep your towels and other essentials in your linen closet or bedroom. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep everything on hand?

Invest in a medicine cabinet you can attach to your wall and you can use thin wire racks for towels. And if you want candles and plants in your bathroom, invest in floating shelves. These renovation ideas are practical but they will look cool, too.

4. Switch Out the Hardware

Don’t want to spend too much on bathroom remodeling? You can give your bathroom a facelift by switching out the hardware.

Search antique shops for quirky bath and sink taps and update your cupboard handles.

5. Choose Wood Over Tile

Clean white tiles are timeless and dark wood panels will make you feel like you’re in a day spa. Team them together by laying tile on the top half of your walls and wood on the bottom. It will make your bathroom feel bright and cozy at the same time.

6. Pick Statement Lighting

Who says you can only have chandeliers in a living room or dining room? Choose maximalism over minimalism and pick a gorgeous and ornate hanging light for your bathroom.

Be mindful it doesn’t hang over a water source, though!

7. Choose a Quirky Theme

If you get inspired when you travel, why not bottle those ideas and sprinkle them over your new bathroom remodel?

Channel the spas of Budapest by opting for a green and blue mosaic tile on your walls. Or, go Parisian with a pared-down monochrome bathroom or Moroccan with lots of stone and arch-shaped mirrors. 

Use These Renovation Ideas To Revamp Your Bathroom

So many showrooms, magazines, and catalogs have the same types of bathrooms so it’s difficult to find something special. Now, you can use these renovation ideas to create a tranquil bathroom that is 100% your design.

If you are updating your bathroom, chances are you also need some home renovation ideas for the rest of your house. Browse our website for tons of DIY tips and tricks to transform your home!

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