Finding the right people to install solar panels on your roof requires knowing your options. Here is how to pick a solar installer for your home.

How to Pick a Solar Installer for Your Home

Are you planning to get a solar power system?

With the average cost of solar panels dropping significantly, installing them for your home is easier than ever. However, your solar installation experience depends on the experts accomplishing the task. If you picked the wrong installers, you’ll end up with a shoddy job, risking your safety.

Don’t panic yet.

With this guide, you’ll learn how to pick a solar installer for your home. Read on and reap the benefits of solar energy:

1. Ask Around

Depending on your location, you likely know someone with solar panels on their roof or backyard. Whether it’s a friend, family, or neighbor, ask them about the best installers in your area. As long as they’re trustworthy, you’ll likely get the most reputable ones around.

However, take various situations when asking for their advice. For example, if your friend asked for installers specializing in large commercial systems, you won’t benefit from their services. It’s especially when you only aim to install a residential solar system.

2. Check Credentials and Experience

Before working with a professional installer, ask their number of years in the business. Check their experience handling local permits and inspectors. These play a part in determining whether your project finishes on time.

Aside from experience, another great way to narrow down your choices is through the company’s certifications. Look at their previous works to determine their expertise. You’ll know whether they have the experience to set systems similar to your roofing type.

For accreditations, check whether they have a certificate from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). A certified installer will know their job well because they get training and written tests.

Ask for proof since reputable companies will provide them in a heartbeat.

3. Online Customer Reviews

Looking at a company’s reviews allows you to determine its track record. Read through their previous customers’ experiences. It includes during and after the installation process.

Most reputable installers will also offer a list of referrals. It allows you to contact their past clients directly. Some companies will even put their clients’ video testimonials on their websites.

4. Warranties Include Service and Parts

Check the company’s warranty offerings. It’s a vital factor to choose the best installer. Look for the following warranty types:

  • Maintenance policies
  • Workmanship
  • System guarantees

If they offer any of these, ask about the exact coverage and duration for each. Good installers give five to ten years of warranty. Read the fine print to avoid technicalities later.

Check out for more warranty information.

5. Turnaround Time

Ask your potential company to give their schedule. Learn how soon they can start and finish the job. A standard 3 kW system with 20 solar panels takes anywhere between one and three days.

Pick a Solar Installer Today!

These are some tips to pick a solar installer for your home. It ensures you’ll get the most reputable and skilled companies. It improves your experience and gets the most out of your investment.

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