Living in fear of the day a plumbing problem occurs? Maybe having a plan will help. Check out our helpful article for a look at common problems and what to do.

Common Plumbing Problems and What to Do

Plumbing issues are something every homeowner has to deal with at some point in their life. Leaving your plumbing problems unattended can cause severe structural damage to your property. You don’t want to know how much you’re going to pay to restore your home after water damage.

Avoid all the stress and digging deep into your pocket by preventing certain plumbing issues before they become severe. Here are some common plumbing issues and what you can do about them.

Faulty Faucets

The faucets in your home get faulty at some point regardless of their quality. Having to deal with a faucet that’s dripping water can be irritating and wasteful at the same time. Dripping faucets can take a toll on your water bills because those small drips count.

Dripping faucets are caused by an internal washer that is stiff, worn out, torn, and dislodged for some time. But this is not a big issue to worry about as you only need some DIY skills and basic tools to fix it. Ensure you know how to put off, disassemble, replace the washer, and reassemble the faucet.

Plumbing Problems Caused by Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes are another plumbing problem that you wouldn’t like to deal with. Some of the causes of leaky pipes include too much water pressure, joint pipe damage, pipe corrosion, and stubborn clogs. Leaky pipes can be a nuisance, especially when you don’t know their exact location.

It can cause dampness in your surfaces and invite pests into your home. The best way to deal with this issue is to identify the area that’s leaking. Then, fix temporarily using tape, fillers, and other compounds.

But for a permanent solution, you should contact a qualified plumber to replace the pipe. Ensure you respond to the leaky pipes quickly because failure to do so can cause damage to your plumbing system and your home.

Slow and Clogged Plumbing Issues

Drainage problems come with their challenges. Dealing with clogged pipes can be overwhelming. It requires an intervention of plumbing services, especially if it involves clogged toilets and sinks.

If you’re facing this issue, call in professionals to check your plumbing system. You can also take care of your sinks and drains by not pouring toxic wastes into your drainage. Ensure your sink has a drain catch to allow easy access for objects falling down your sink.

For a clogged toilet, use a plunger to fix it. If the plunger doesn’t work, use a sewer snake and a drain auger to loosen up the blockage. On that note, some of the causes of toilet blockage include human waste and pieces of paper.

Hose Bibb Plumbing Problems

Some plumbing tools are not built to last for several seasons, and one of them is hose bibb. Unfortunately, both spring and summer season doesn’t favor hose bibb. If you don’t protect it well, it can crack and leak due to temperature variations, especially during cold winter.

If the hose bibb cracks, be ready to dig deep into your wallet to pay for a high water bill. Hose bibb leakage can waste many gallons in just one month. If you want to avoid replacing them constantly and do away with future leaks, invest in heavy-duty frost-proof hose bibb.

Sump Pump Failure

Some of the causes of sump pump failures include overtime wear, improper installation, stuck switches, heavy rain, and snow. To avoid future sump pump failure, you need to incorporate routine maintenance to protect your pump. 

Ensure you run a check on the sump pump installation. An improper installation of a sump pump will make it work harder and eventually fail. Power outages can ruin your sump pumps as well. 

You can also do irrigation as an alternative to a sump pump. Here’s the plan:

Realign gutters to drain water away from your foundation. Your surrounding foundation should be sloppy to channel water away. Finally, make sure you level the spaces within your surrounding surfaces to improve irrigation.

The cost of doing all these requires a plumbing professional, which is a bit expensive. But at long last, you’ll save your thousands in repairs and replacing your sump pumps from time to time.

Sewer Nightmare

Sewer backups are a real nightmare. You’ll endure nasty smells, hygiene issues, and expensive fixing costs, before restoring your sewer line. However, you shouldn’t work yourself out on fixing the sewer system if it isn’t on your property.

If it’s on your property, then it’s your problem. If it’s on a public road, then leave it to your water company to fix it. Nevertheless, you’ll have to call plumbing services to locate the blockage unless you’re sure that the blockage isn’t on your property.

Leaking Toilets

Toilet leaks are very difficult to notice. Besides being difficult to locate, many homeowners them whenever they run checks on their plumbing system. Think of how much an internal leak in your water tank can cost you?

One of the major reasons for the leaking toilet is the rubber flapper. Once the rubber flapper loses its shape, it cannot seal the tank properly. The chain to the flapper can also twist, hence preventing the flapper from sitting on the bottom.

Other causes of running toilets include refill tube problems and corroded toilet handles. Others include worn-out flush valves. You don’t need a plumber for this since fixing flapper is very easy and cheap as long as you have the skills and the tools.

Take Care of Your Plumbing Before It Becomes a Menace

Dealing with plumbing problems can be tricky, especially if you don’t have the expertise. Besides, most homeowners don’t like getting wet to fix their plumbing systems unless it’s an emergency. If this is you, you need to have the contacts of your favorite plumber within your reach.

You should always ensure you fix the problem as soon as you notice it unless you want to deal with water damage. Always ensure you carry out seasonal maintenance of your plumbing system to these common problems.

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