The cause of a flickering light is usually the light bulb; however, if multiple lights in your house are flickering, you may want to see an electrician.

Simple Ways to Fix a Flickering Light in Your Home

Have you noticed a flickering light in your home? While a blinking light may not be a big deal, it could also be a sign of a bigger issue.

Check out this list of simple things you can do to fix home electrical issues:

Tighten Loose Light Bulbs

This may seem to be a no-brainer, but it’s important to point it out.  If your light bulbs are flashing, switch off the power and tighten the bulb with a towel or glove to shield your hand from the heat.

Light bulbs that are loose indicate that the socket is not making a good connection with the bulb, which may result in sporadic flickering. 

Examine the Current

Overburdened circuits can jeopardize the electrical system in your home. Since they pull a high current from the circuit, large appliances and HVAC units can make lights flicker when they turn on.

This could indicate that the appliance’s circuits aren’t up to par. Make sure your circuit breaker is capable of safely powering anything in your home by consulting a specialist.

Before starting any structural repairs, turn off the power to every fixture on the circuit breaker. Start by turning on each trigger at the fuse box if you’re trying to figure out which system is causing the blinking. In this situation, buzzing will happen, so pay attention as each circuit is turned on.

An overwhelmed circuit breaker is harmful, because it can destroy your appliances and also harm your lights. So be careful with this process!

Update Your Switches

If the bulb does not seem to be the root of the issue, check the wall switch. A dimmer switch designed for incandescent bulbs will not operate with LEDs. This is probably the cause of flickering bulbs linked to a dimmer. Flickering may also be caused by faulty or loose wires behind the switch.

To make sure your lights and dimmer are compatible, look at their scores. Discrepancies in this area can cause  fixture issues such as buzzing or blinking.

Prior to doing wiring work, switch off the energy from the fuse box and add a new dimmer.

Check for Loose Wires

You’ll see blinking in your lights if something isn’t wired properly or if your home’s wiring is outdated. Loose wiring is one of the leading causes of house fires, so you shouldn’t ignore it. If you’ve done everything else to stop the blinking and it’s still happening, have an electrician take a look at it.

The majority of flickering is triggered by an old, defective, or incompatible wall switch. It’s also due to loose or low-quality bulbs. It’s possible that your lighting problems can be resolved quickly by removing a dimmer or changing a light bulb.

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Take Care of Your Flickering Light Bulb

If you notice a flickering light in your home, don’t ignore it! It could be the result of a problem that requires the help of a technician.

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