Top 7 DIY Projects For Couples

In my family, I take care of the children, finances, and run a part-time online business. My husband (the DIY champion) puts on a suit for work but finds his calling at the weekend with his awesome home improvement skills! 

But, what do we do together? We’re both so busy, we have to remind ourselves to spend quality time together! In our household, ‘quality time’ can vary from watching TV with a pizza to a spa day.

When that spa day isn’t an option, DIY projects for couples are the way to go! Doing DIY together gives us time to catch up, talk about the week we’ve had, share laughter, and plan the week ahead. 

Read on for my top seven ideas for fun DIY projects for couples! 

1. Build a Home Office 

Create a great home office space together taking both your needs into account. Consider where the light falls, the location of plug sockets, and make sure you hide those wires!

Before long you’ll have the perfect space for working and it can be a fun DIY project for adults to do together.

2. Clothes Hanger Jewellery Stand

Repurpose wooden clothes hangers into ‘his’ and ‘hers’ jewelry storage. Just add eyelet screws on the lower edge and you’ll have the perfect storage for all things jewelry, cuff links, and watches.

3. Build Terrariums to Brighten up the House  

This can be a fun DIY project for the family! Add greenery to your inside space with plants in jars around the house.

Find out how to make a terrarium here

4. Design and Paint an Artistic Wall

This can be a great, fun DIY project for couples to do together. Take one wall and design a new look for it. Include geometric shapes made with tape, paint swatches and if either of you is arty, try painting a few animals! 

5. Install Ceiling Fans for Savings All Year Round 

Ceiling fans can help create cooling breezes in the summer and circulate warm air in the winter.

Their popularity has grown as people realized their potential for energy savings, and the good news is they are relatively easy to install (although you may need two pairs of hands).

6. Design a Kitchen Island 

All the latest homes seem to have kitchen islands right? If you don’t, just use an old dressing table! Paint it to match the style of your kitchen, fill the drawers with kitchen accessories, and stick it in the middle of the room for a practical and aesthetic kitchen island. 

7. Make Eco-Improvements to the Home 

Switch out your harsh lighting for softer, eco-friendly lightbulbs and install solar panels for massive energy savings! Check out local solar companies for all your energy-saving options. 

Enjoy the Benefits of Doing DIY Projects for Couples Today

If you’re wanting to spend more time with your significant other, give these ideas a try. These are just some of my best ideas for DIY projects for couples but I guarantee once you start, the ideas will keep coming! 

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