10 Tools Every at Home Workshop Needs

If you are building a home workshop, you need some reliable tools to help you keep going. The key here is not buying all the tools that you can find but finding out which tools are essentials and buying them.

In this article, I have a list of 10 awesome tools that your home workshop needs. These tools will surely help you get the job done.

1. Buzzsaw

First on the list is a buzz saw. You know, that power tool with a rotating blade you often see. A good buzz saw is essential for cutting lumber and plywood. Always try to get the best buzz saw you can afford. Avoid cheap buzz saws, since they’re a waste of money anyway.

The cheapest buzz saw you should get is around $100. Always make sure that the buzz saw is powerful enough to cut wood. Don’t forget to read some reviews online to help you decide.

2. Hammer

Every home workshop needs a hammer. Though, ideally, you should have several different types of hammers.

A curved claw hammer is the most popular type of a hammer. You can use it to drive and remove nails efficiently. A 20-ounce hammer should be good enough for most people. But some people prefer a lighter hammer. Just don’t go below 16 ounces, since it’s too light.

Get the most comfortable handle you can find, like fiberglass or steel. These materials are comfortable for the hand and will last for a long time.

3. Electric finish sander

Sanding wood can be very tedious. Not many people want to do it manually by hand. If you are one of them then you should get this tool.

An electric finish sander can surprise you with how effective it is. You can get a standard electric finish sander and it’ll do a good job. The difference would be on the sandpaper that you’re going to use. The better the sandpaper is, the better the sander will perform.

4. Level

A level is there to prevent you from botching your work. Use it to get the perfect vertical and horizontal.

There are many levels available, with different prices, shapes, and sizes. The most common levels usually come in 2-foot and 4-foot lengths. It’s recommended to get both with aluminum frames, these levels will last forever.

5. Handsaw

Don’t be afraid to use a lot of force while working. And a handsaw is perfect for cutting wood planks and plywood. There might be times when you need to modify or shorten a plank, and a handsaw is perfect for that.

There are two types of a handsaw: crosscut saw and ripsaw. A crosscut is great for cutting against the wood grain, thanks to its backward-angled teeth. And a ripsaw is great for cutting parallel due to the teeth facing downward.

6. Tape measure

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of this tool before. Naturally, you’ll want to get the perfect measurement of everything. Just like with level, a tape measure can accurately tell you the length and width of almost everything.

A retractable tape measure is essential for home workshops. You’ll need it for almost every project that you want to tackle. Get the best tape measure you can find that will last you for a very long time. generally, you’ll want to get one made of metal that can extend for up to 6 feet or 1.8 meters.

7. Screwdriver

Another essential tool that every home workshop should have. It’s common to have a dozen or even more screwdrivers for your home workshop.

It’s always smart to get every type of screwdriver so you’ll have one ready every time you need it. Basically, you’ll need two types: flathead and Phillips head screws.

8. Utility knife

Cheap and easy to find but will come in handy. This is probably the cheapest tool you can get for your home workshop.

Basically, get one that is retractable for easy storage, and don’t forget to retract the blade after you’re done. You might need to replace the blade several times before getting a new utility knife. This is because the blade will become dull sooner or later, and you should replace the dull blade immediately.

9. Crowbar

A crowbar can make a difficult job much easier. This tool will help you wrecking something or prying loose board or pulling nails and so on.

People who work in construction will call it a wrecking bar. But don’t get yourself confused with the names. Either of these tools will help you in the same way.

10. Safety glasses

Don’t forget about your safety while working in your home workshop. Operating power tools without safety glasses could be very dangerous. Even tools like hammer or handsaw could be dangerous for you.

These tools will help you with your projects

I pick these tools based on how useful and affordable they are. You shouldn’t have any difficulty getting any of these tools. Now that you have all the tools you need, it’s time to get some work done.

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